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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> at 11:00, bay homeowners beware. >> we lost our security. >> fake utility workers are preying on the elderly. good evening, i'm pam moore, an alert from officials about imposters making their way into people's homes. tonight we hear from and elderly man who is one example. in this case, they made off with thousands of dollars of property. jeff bush explains. >> richard komrar was in his
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home. two men knocked on the door saying they needed to check the eves in the backyard. >> they said they were going to put in a new sewer line so we didn't think anything about it. >> reporter: but the pen were not from pte. >> we took one of them quite back. the other didn't appear, he was probably the one in the house doing the burglary. >> reporter: the thieves made off with jewelry from upstairs. >> the jewelry box had been ripped open with a crowbar or something. i don't know what, the lock was broken. stuff was strewn all over. all of our good jewelry was gone. and memorabilia, my mother's jewelry i had in there from many years. >> reporter: what is really
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cold is the man came out and started talking to richard for 20 minutes like nothing happened. richard says it is not so much about the money or the sentiment, but they took his security. i'm jeff bush, kron 4 news. the wild fire burning near yosemite continues to threaten 2500 homes. it is called the rim fire and it has burned 16,000 acres. only 5% contained. now new evacuations are underway. pine mountain lake. tonight, scott rates is there. >> reporter: i'm in the nearby town of groveland near the entrance of owe similarity. firefighters are battling this blaze tonight. they will work all night to try and get a handle on the fire, but it is really very much out of control. this is video from earlier, you
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can see the giant plume of smoke there. this plume actually goes 30,000 feet up into the atmosphere. it is to big, it has created its own weather system out here and that, believe it or not, is causing headaches for firefighters as they try to fight the fire because of the winds coming off of that system. i'm told there are over 800 firefighters both in the air and on the ground battling this blaze. at least 4,000 people have been evacuated because of this fire. we are told that 2500 structures are injeopardy right now with this fire burning so hot. nine of those structures have been destroyed including two houses. and this fire has burned more than 16,000 acres but firefighters say they expect the number to go up because they just don't have a very good handle on the fire. there have not been any injuries reported as a result of the fire. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation tonight. reporting at the entrance of yosemite, scott rates, kron 4 news. we are still seeing developing thunderstorms off the coast of the waters. we are pinpointing the lightning strikes, you can see a couple of them are getting closer to the north bay coastline. we are seeing back building of the thunderstorms as the low pressure system is starting to move to the north. here is a look at satellite and radar picture. you can see the thunderstorm just offshore, the core of the system is just off the coastline. you can see the clouds and the storms rotating around it. it will continue to lift to the north overnight and still, we have a shot of seeing an isolated shower in the north. we will talk about that and our typical summer weather pattern returning lateener the week coming up in a bit. the bay area one week away from the shut down of the bay bridge. all lanes in both directions will close 8:00 p.m. wednesday night, august the 28.
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that is when workers will transition the old road to the new span. the chp advises motorists to add an extra hour to their commute time. they should try to not be the last people to cross the bridge wednesday night. the bay bridge closing will be similar to past closings. >> wednesday when the bridge begins to be closed, you will see security vehicles with the emergency lights activates doing a rolling traffic break. you will see cal trans dealing with the lane closing. >> the bay bridge will reopen tuesday september 3, the day after labor day. now we want to show you what it will look like on the new eastern span. this is traveling eastbound coming out of the tunnel. this is the tower that supports
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the new span. so much different than driving on the lower deck like it currently is and you can see the bike and pedestrian lanes to the right. we will check out the westbound driving experience. from the toll plaza to san francisco. the palm trees to the left are not going to magically appear on september 3. they are a few years away. now we will jump ahead. the other change is you will not have the s curve at the island. this is a much smoother ride. the wow factor is certainly there and bay area drivers will get to do this. they will get to make this drive on tuesday morning, september 3. i'm grant lodes, kron 4 news. there is word tonight that the ohm enbattled mayor of san diego has a lawsuit against
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him. the san diego city attorney says a proposed resolution was reached and it will be presented to the city council on friday. however, no details have been released and it is unclear whether filner's resignation is a part of that deal. at least 17 women have accused the 70-year-old mayor of sexual harassment. the frightening 911 calls out of georgia as a gunman takes an ak-47 into an elementary school. and a driver in oakland hills slams into a home and a gas line starts a fire. >> reporter: and i'm charles clifford where the control district the fogging this neighborhood to control west nile. we will have more on that at kron 4 at 11:00. ♪
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>> the fight against mosquitoes which carry west nile soar us is kicking in right now in the
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south bay. fogging is underway. charles clifford has the latest. >> reporter: santa clara county vector control says this neighborhood here, they are seeing the highest number of mosquitoes with west nile they have seen in years since 2007. they are going to begin ground fogging in this area. i saw a fogging truck. they have started tonight and they will fog several hours to try to get the mosquito population under control. this is a google earth view. this is where they will be fogging. i-680 is the eastern border. the guadeloupe river is on the western edge. vector control says the fogging will last several hours. they will be covering about
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four square miles. the district discovered west nile virus back on august 16. it is transmitted by mosquitoes but can spread to birds and other animals. most people who debt the illness can feel flu like symptoms but it can cause neurological problems or death. the elderly are at the greatest risk. you can see this is a truck who is out fogging for mosquitoes now. they started a short time ago. so they are hard at work. they are advising people that mosquito infections are very high right now. to they are asking people to avoid standing water and do the best you can to avoid being around mosquitoes. for now, charles clifford, kron 4 news. coming up tonight. an 89-year-old driver slams into an east bay home and sparks a fire. the quick action fire crews had to take to keep everybody safe. plus, 911 calls released a day after a gunman opened fire at
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an elementary school. as kron 4 news at 11:00 continues. look at 'em.
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>> an 89-year-old woman fails to stop at a stop sign at hanson drive and slams into a home sparking a gas fire. as phillipe jegal reports, crews had to work quickly to keep the fire from spreading to
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the entire neighborhood. >> reporter: minutes after this white camery crashed into this home in oakland hills, you could see smoke. >> it hit one of the structures in the garage dislodging the roof. once the roof got dislodged, it drove up over the gas meter dislodging the meter. because of the friction from the vehicle hitting the meter, caught the meter on fire. >> reporter: once they learned the 89-year-old woman survived the crash and that no one was inside the home during the crash, crews turned their attention to making sure the fire didn't spread to other homes. >> we did an evacuation of a couple of hundred feet to give us a nice wide perimeter. able to put aggressive hose lines in place. we were able to minimize the amount of danger. >> reporter: john is one of eight people who live in the house. >> despite the loss, we won. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: he says he is
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looking at the brighter side. material items were destroyed but no one was hurt. >> it is a lot of loss, so we have to deal with, you know, finding out what we are going to do. >> reporter: the fire damage did not extend into the home, only the garage. no other homes on the street were damaged either. for now the family living here says they will stay with friends the next few days. in oakland, phillipe jegal, kron 4 news. there are no immediate plans to euthanize those two pit bulls which attacked a 10- year-old boy in antioch. hunter killborne survived that attack. they said they can't put the dogs down without the consent of the owner which the owners refuse to give. they say they want a hearing to prove that the dogs are not vicious. meantime, kron 4 spoke with the victim's step stepfather. he says one of the dogs has been aggressive before. >> he nipped me once.
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almost went for my neck a couple of times. i'm not scared of dogs, but i was terrified of this dog. >> antioch police say the dogs where unlicensed and not vaccinated. they are currently being quarantine to make sure they don't have rabies. the owners did not comment. an army veteran is asking for the public's help to find his service dog. the german shepherd collie mix was seen a few times tuesday afternoon. he has never run off before. tonight we are learning more about the suspected gunman that opened fire in georgia. michael brandon hill had a couple of weapons including an ak-47. and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. he barricaded himself in the
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front office. a new 911 shot captured the gunshots. >> he just went outside and started shooting. >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah, i got to go. he will see me. >> remarkably, no one was hurt. hill eventually surrendered after exchanging gunfire with authorities. he told one of the hostages he prepared to die. the 20-year-old is in jail facing multiple charges. we are still dealing with the threat of thunderstorms. our normal summer pattern will resume with temperatures in the 80s and 90s . friday will be the warmest day. we are going to see very little fog friday morning. let's talk a little bit about the thunderstorm activity. lightning strikes off the northern california coastline. one of the strikes getting a little close to the north bay. we have an area of pressure
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moving so slowly to to the north. you can see the thunderstorms moving offshore, the thunderstorms in the sierra still at this hour. the core of the system is now about right here. you can see all the storms and clouds wrapping around it. it will continue to lift to the north and northeast. as it moves in that direction, we could see a little bit of this thunderstorm activity clip the north bay. high fire danger remains for far northern california. all of the red flag warnings have been lifted for the north bay. if we see anything, it will be very isolated. as for the fog, that will not be isolated at all. it will be widespread as we head out the door. wall to wall clouds that will be stubborn to clearly 10:00. but by noon, it will work its way back to the coast. temperature wise, in the south bay, 70s , and 80s . 78 in san
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jose. for our inland valleys, upper 80s , no low 90s out there tomorrow, but that will change. 60s and 70s for east bay shore. 66 in san francisco. look at your extended forecast. more typical summer pattern returns. tomorrow afternoon really, by friday, we have very little fog to start the day. temperatures warmer away from the coastline. we will see fluxuations in the temperatures. fog means cooler conditions but will rebound later in the week. still ahead, sports and history made in new york, plus the as battle the mariners. jason has the highlights and all the sports next. >> deep to right and gone.
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it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. >> all right, welcome back everybody. for the second straight day, the as let one slip away from the mariners. started great for oakland. coco crisp goes deep on the first pitch the as saw. that is number 11 for crisp. 1-0as . bottom 4th inning, tied at one. brandon moss delivered the solo home run off iwakuma.
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it will be a play at the plate. watch catcher stephen vogt go down. he hung onto the ball. went down hard. he would be okay. as lose 5-3. rangers win so the as are now two-and-a-half back in the west. and they are sub 500 since the all-star break are the as . now the giants were just plain awful against boston. no other way to describe it. red sox fans among the 41,532 at the ballpark in san francisco. top 2nd inning, scoreless. that could be barry zito's final start. they put him in there to start. final start as a giant. will middlebrooks takes him deep early. 2-0, then it is petaluma's johnny gomes. dustin pedroia comes around to
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score. victorino pops one to right. zito, three and two-thirds, a 5.63 era. it got worse. steven drew. the three-run bomb off michael kickem who has been awful for the giants. 12-1 red sox. giants on the short end, they will host the pirates tomorrow. history in the bronx, ichiro suzuki is the third player to get 4,000 hits combined. nearly 1300 of those came in the japanese professional league. still, a huge achievement for him as he joins ty cobb and pete rose as the only players to reach that milestone. yankees beat the js final 4-2.
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ron jowrrski said he thought colin kaepernick had the chance to be one of the greats. >> i am honored, but at the same time, i haven't played a full season yet. >> he is always humble. he has a long way to go before becoming one of the long time greats. long time katamarans on the bay. races four and five today. these are 72-footers for team new zealand and italy. new zealand with the boat. now, they hold the commanding 4- 1 lead. we will take you out here with some champion league soccer. a kick to the face that will make you wince.
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>> okay. now, you're all here because you've been suspended from work for sexual harassment. but through this seminar, you will learn the skills to keep you from making the same kinds of mistakes that got you here. >> excuse me, mr. winerslav-- >> it's pronounced "weener-slave." >> okay, jeffrey. is there anything i can do to speed this process up so i can just get back to work? >> i'm afraid not. but someone who's in a rush to get back to work? that's somethin' you don't see every day. now, that is an example of a very appropriate and very, very funny joke. [laughing] >> [laughs] >> jenna, i need to speak with you. >> jack, i did not hit that asian page. i was just swinging my arm and she walked into me. twice. >> jenna, it's not about that. it's about your sheinhardt-universal janis joplin biopic.


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